Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Episode 21: Book 2, Episode 1; Bolterpalooza!

Book 2, Episode 1: Bolterpalooza!

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Gyro, Biscuit, Americano, Chico-Stix, and T-Bone

Show Notes:
  • Deathwatch actual play
  • Gyro's Birthday
Part one of Bolterpalooza! Our valiant heroes don their power armor, and tie one on for the Emperor of Mankind! Using the Final Sanction Free RPG Module, we return to our roots and kick it back into 40k territory. We've got cultists, bolters, Scottish accents, and all the usual zaniness you've come to expect. We're also kicking off our return with a new season of the podcast, so welcome to Book 2, if this were the Avatar series it would be 'beer'.


  1. I can bend beer over a porch rail.

  2. Hey, Duck Sauce...I noticed you had a killer soundtrack going on in the background. If it was mentioned in the podcast, I missed it. Would you mind if I asked what it was?

    I have not finished listening to this episode, but I'm halfway,now. And so far so excellent! It sounded so fun, that it really inspired our Dark Heresy group to try Final Sanction out.
    Anyways, Thanks guys for an entertaining show.

    Vancouver, B.C.

  3. The music was the soundtracks to Dawn of War and Dawn of War II-- very appropriate, I thought!

  4. Great adventure! Well worth the wait.