Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iPod / iPhone / iSuckleOnApple'sTeet Apps

As briefly discussed in episode 12, T-Bones fave iPhone games:

TapDefense: You build towers that fire missiles that prevent demons from reaching heaven. A very addictive game that offer hours of fun. It is free and has provided me with hours of entertainment. Free with embedded ads

TapFarm: For those into farm management...well, have fun. Free. My only complaint, it connects to a game server to play. There is no reason for this and, with my iPod Touch, I have to have wifi access to play.

Soloman's Keep: A simple dungeon crawl game. Good times! Free

Plants V. Zombies: This is a great game that I'm thinking about introducing to my son. It costs a few bucks- $3 to be exact- but I think it is worth it.

Rock Band: Published by Rockstar Games, this is very similar in play to the full version, except you tap the notes (no guitar) and it only displays one instrument. You can nextwork two phones together for dual play. Try out the free version with one song, or the $6.99 version with actual tour opportunities.

Pocket Dice: Because this is a gaming podcast, duh. This is the best free dice app I've found. Plus, I love the name of the company that makes it- Big In Japan. The one oddity, I think the red 20-sided keeps coming up a leaner!

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