Saturday, April 24, 2010

Biscuit's Weekly Art Posting 0009

Gyro's (Gurney's) Enemy (Artus the Armored: Guard Trainer) and Ally (Cerise: Adventurer/Duelist) from T-Bone's Mouseguard Campaign.


  1. Awesome. I love the armored mouse. Has he drawn any non-mouse creatures from the setting?

  2. Man, I tell you, Gurney really doesn't get along with that armoured mouse! Now Cerise on the other hand...he taught her everything he knows!

  3. No, I definitely have *not* crossed those lines!

  4. @ Eli
    maybe something emu related? I don't know if those exist in the territories. GM ruling?!

    @ Chris
    she was probably jail bait at the time all his necessary parts were still working. Maybe thats why Gurney is so hostile and cranky. He never got to tap that untamed feral tail...

  5. Also of note, Artus is a huge dude. I like to think a normal mouse is about Cerise's size.

  6. For the record, before any more innuendo is thrown around, Cerise is Gurney's daughter. He's kept her in a guarded and luxurious existence out of the public and Guard eye for a long time. He's also trained her to be an expert bladesman, err, bladeswoman, err, bladesmouse.

    As far as Artus being a huge dude, that's awesome, even more character. I didn't know if he was extra big or Cerise was extra small. Good call...