Sunday, December 20, 2009

Episode 4: Dark Heresy, Animus Hereticus session 3

Episode 4: Dark Heresy Anima Hereticus session 3

Hosts: Duck Sauce, Little Gyro, T-Bone, Americano

Show Notes:
  • around the horn
  • miniatures production costs
  • actual play of Dark Heresy
  • real-life gambling stories
  • discussion of actual-play podcasts
  • Evan Williams, American Ale, and you
We are now up to five total podcasts. In this last episode we continue with actual play of our Dark Heresy campaign, the Animus Hereticus. This is our third session of Dark Heresy while recording. Being close to the holidays we had many players not present, but we still ventured ahead and continued where the last episode left off. After a brief jaunt through the immaterium, our cargo hauler arrives at the pleasure planet of Quaddis. We have our contact name and a loose plan of what to do once on the ground...

...the controversial Hecuter 9 pistol (with red-dot sighting)

Pterra-Squirrels! 10:1 odds!

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