Friday, November 13, 2009

Episode 1: Rogue Trader First Session

Episode 1: Rogue Trader First Session
Hosts: Duck Sauce, T-Bone, Gyro, and Biscuit

Show Notes:
  • the show gets a new host
  • around the horn
  • iTunes announcement
  • hail to our blog followers
  • the Lovecraft Circle
  • epic fail with a major rookie mistake
This could possibly be the shortest podcast we may ever produce. If you've followed along thus far, you may have picked up on the fact that our outfit is rather, hmm, developmental in its beginning stages. So, our 'epic fail' occurred early in the show.

My idea was to kind of "edit on the fly" pausing where need be, gain our bearings, unpause it and get rolling. Of course this flies in the face of my previous stance in the vein of Hitchcock's "Rope" where I suggested we roll it without stopping. Now in hindsight, I'm thinking that my original inclination was the really the right way to go.

Our "podcast technical equipment" is new to the group, including its owner, tech-sherpa Duck Sauce. When we thought we "unpaused" it, err, we didn't. That being the case, the bulk of the show, which was the most important part of the show, the actual game play itself, was completely left out. Ah, what can you do?

C'est la vie, these are the birthing pangs of being a bunch of rookies I guess. No, we're not going to "reshoot" or anything, we're just going to move on.


  1. We will work on mastering this "pause" technology in the future.

  2. Ha! Apparently the "pause technology" mastered us this time!

  3. Classic! Would that be defined as an EPIC FAIL, per chance? It did start out pretty well though, looking forward to the next instalment!

    So when are you introducing the family to 40k? Is your daughter large enough to "counts as" an Imperator Titan? :D

    Oh yeah, it's an "i". The word is hard enough to pronounce without adding a vowel-less syllable... :D

  4. Ha, definite epic fail! And in all seriousness, it really was an awesome game session too!

  5. Hey guys, been following the blog since the start, just started listening to the podcasts and I got named! Hooray immortalized for evermore!
    Just to let you know it is in fact an upholstered chair (not a nose) and our little dog Rei. (Not that you care =-P)
    Keep it up, I'm loving it.
    - Raggy

  6. Came across your podcast while trying to find some Rogue Trader actual play sessions.

    This may well have already been answered as I've only listened to the first 2 episodes (0 & 1) but will you be revisiting Rogue Trader? As it's something I'd listen to if you were.