Sunday, November 22, 2009

Episode 2: Dark Heresy Actual Play

Episode 2: Dark Heresy Anima Hereticus

Hosts: Duck Sauce, T-Bone, Gyro, Biscuit, Chick-O Stick, Mystery Meat, Americana

Show Notes:
  • three new players to the show
  • around the horn
  • actual play of Dark Heresy
  • a couple of brief sports segues
  • Yuengling and you
In our third podcast (episode two) we launch into our monthly 'weekend' game which is currently Dark Heresy. This episode picks up after a couple of brief encounters as our acolytes embark on a new mission for their Inquisitor investigating possible Xeno-tech weapons being used by minor nobility on an industrial mining world.


  1. Hey there, any chance of a regular download option as with the previous episodes for those that don't use itunes?

  2. There was such an option wasn't there. It seems the directory link is turning up blank, I'll get with Duck Sauce and see what's up...

  3. Holy *bleep*, almost five hours!??! Nice... That file made a mockery of my "super duper" internet connection - took about two hourse. :D Should make for a lot og hobby time. I'll comment once I've gotten through this mother...

  4. You can get a feed for the podcast at

  5. Site seems down still, I was wondering the same thing, how to get the mp3s :(

  6. So where can I get the Dark Heresy MP3's? They're not up on iTunes and there's no MP3's to download on the site.

  7. Yeah,
    If you could put them back again, we would all appreciate them a lot.